Ander Izeta

Musician Luthier

I have always felt the love for music and great guitarists. The fascination for its sound made me know since I was a child that I wanted to play the guitar.

At the age of 13 I got my first instrument. The position of the strings had to be changed because I am left-handed. That condition, initially an inconvenience, has been what has brought me here.

Not everything was easy. Being left-handed made it difficult for me to access instruments that fit my aesthetic and sound tastes, it was decisive for me to start building my first guitar with the help of my brother, a cabinetmaker by profession. It was a transformative experience that produced a true, completely handmade jewel made of walnut wood that I keep as a treasure to this day.

The years of learning, tenacity and effort have been the seed to train me and be able to set up my own luthier workshop in Zarautz.

From there on, with a lot of dedication and passion for a job well done, I find myself in the place I always wanted to be. And after many years dedicating myself to the arrangement, adjustment and repair of stringed instruments, AND is the creation of my own line of instruments.

It is ultimately the result of perseverance, enthusiasm and above all the love for music.

AND. GUITARS are unique and exclusive, handcrafted, each one with its own history, from cutting to polishing, from varnishing to adjustment, achieving a precision instrument with its own soul.

Someone told me that the smile on my face gets bigger when I play the guitar.

In the last 37 years enjoying music I have participated in different projects. My main aspiration and with which I have felt fully identified has been ESTIGIA (from 1985 to the present day). Another of them was NORK! (1999-2002)

Throughout this period I have also had the luck and pleasure of participating in other projects:

Asier Serrano (2000-2005)
ERASO! (2004-2012)
BARRICADA (2010 – 2013)


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